Uncle Eddie's - Salisbury Beach


I didn't want to come home...


Caribbean Cruise 2018

What an unforgettable week... 

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people! My good friend Ernie Boch Jr. invited me to go on a cruise and be the live entertainment every night. It was AMAZING!!! We went to Antigua, Nevis & St. Barts. It was SO GORGEOUS!!!

I even got to bring my cousin Gabby along with me (you can thank her for all the pics!!) 

Thank you Ernie for the trip of a lifetime!! I owe you forever!!


Boston Fashion Awards


Always love playing the Boston Fashion Awards! This is my 3rd year playing, and was by far the best! Finally on stage with my boys playing my own music! 

Thank you to everyone that runs this awesome event, and for all the friendly faces after the performances!

Breakaway - Danvers, MA 


My new favorite venue! Breakaway in Danvers, MA ... fits about 500 people and has such a great stage layout as well as sound and lights. I'm so happy they asked us to play this show!!

The house was packed, and it was a really cool experience for me. As a kid my dad always told me, "you know you have a great song when people just can't help themselves by to tap their foot along to it." Last night was the first time I was really in a showcase type format with a full room of people, none of which knew my music, and I could just watch their reactions and get some feedback. At first everyone was sitting down at tables and I was thinking to myself that it was going to be such an awkward show... but by the end of the first song everyone was out of their seats standing on the dance floor right up front. The best part: their heads were all bobbing simultaneously to the beat of every. single. song. It felt incredible. Looking forward to spreading my music to as many people as will listen... 

It's all about that ROCK N ROLL
Love my band! We were asked to play at the 2017 Annual Halloween Gala at the Boston Convention Center. It was an amazing fashion show held by our friend and designer, Samuel Vartan. We had a blast learning some old school covers for this gig and really getting to rock out!

PS. my "costume" was actually an outfit my older sister used to wear in high school back in the early 2000s. Amazing.

I just love this track suit... that's all.

Guitar Center

I grew up in this place, and still live here part time lol. There's a never ending list of things I'm running out of that I can't go without. That means a trip to GC. Last week I played a private party, and all of the little kids each wanted to keep one of my picks... they took all that I had! Off to GC...

Family A-Fair
I've been so fortunate to grow up with a vacation home up in Fryeburg, ME which happens to be the home of the Fryeburg Fair that we go to every year! It's HUGE and so much fun, especially now with the little kiddies! Seriously, HOW CUTE are my nieces?! 
I'm so proud to be a suporter of Love Your Melon, which is a company that donates 50% of what they make to help children with cancer. So go buy a hat!!! They're SO cute!!! 

Love Your Melon

We'll miss you, Tom Petty


Some days are good days, some are bad. Yesterday was a bad day. Tom Petty passed away, way, way too soon. Tom Petty is one of my all time biggest influences, for so many reasons. The biggest one was his songwriting. He had the most impressive way of taking 3 chords, and making a masterpiece out of it. His lyrics were genius, and his melodies get stuck in your head like no one else. Right behind that was his unapologetic mindset of just not giving a fuck. Always did was he felt was right, no matter what anyone said. He was such a hard worker. He was so kept to himself and never bragged, but the reason he was as successful as he was was directly because of HIM and no one else. He created his own destiny.

I'm really heartbroken about losing one of my all time heros. I've never really gone through it before. I mean, I've been preparing for Steven Tyler to croak for years... don't get me wrong, I will be DEVASTATED, but let's be real the guy isn't in the best shape these days lol. This one came out of nowhere...

We need more musicians like Tom Petty. All he cared about was the music. Not the success, not the attention, not the fame. Just the music. And it showed, and it payed off with how many millions of people he touched with his gift. We need more real music. Real musicians. Real production. Real effort. Real passion. 

I'm determined to bring that back the best I can. I believe in real music, in real rock and roll, and the feeling it's been bringing people for so many years. There's a huge void in the industry right now. And now with Tom Petty gone, the void just got much bigger. We will miss you Mr. Petty, keep singing to the angels!

Boston Freedom Rally 2017

So if you don't know what the Freedom Rally is, the more widespread name used is "Hempfest"... and it was mighty hempy! We had a blast playing for everyone... they were all so excited for all the bands. Amazing vibes. 

We threw in some covers for the stoners out there... What I Got by Sublime, What's Up by 4 Non Blondes, and Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin. The crowd that migrated over for Janis was UNREAL. Will be posting a video of it when we have a day off to put it together!!

Much love to everyone that put this show together, and that chose to have us back for the 2nd year in a row! 

Photo by Ayla Croft

Middle East



I've always wanted to play the Middle East Downstairs. For anyone who is not familiar with the Boston music scene, this is THE venue to play for an unsigned artist. 

I'm so happy to be on stage with the guys, allowing all of us to gain experience playing with one another. It's something you can't practice without actually just DOING IT. 

More shows coming up!

NEXT: Boston Freedom Rally, September 17th, 3:30pm on the Parkman Bandstand Stage. BOSTON COMMON! Come say hi!!



Our first show was a HUGE success! It was such a great opportunity to show all of our friends and family what we've been working on for so long! 

It feels so good to finally be on stage with these guys!! 

Click here to see a live video of us playing my original song, Thunder at the show!!!

Our next show is September 2nd at the MIDDLE EAST DOWNSTAIRS - Tickets are $10, 18+ !! Contact me if you want tickets, or click the link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

HARD ROCK August 18th!!

FINALLY!!!! We have our first show Friday, August 18th at the Hard Rock in Boston!! WOOHOOO!!!

We've been working our asses off getting this set ready to start playing out and the day has finally come! 

Can't wait to see all of our wonderful family, friends, and fans that have already bought tickets! If you'd like to come please contact me here !!!


If you know ANYTHING about guitars, you know Les Paul's are the Holy Grail of all things rock and roll (...in my opinion!) Not only are they the sexiest looking guitars around, they sound phenominal! There is no such thing as a bad Les Paul.

I've been keeping my eye out for a while now and I saw a friend of mind post this beauty.... HAD TO HAVE IT!!! Right color, right make and model, right price... MINE!

I don't consider myself a "guitarist" persay, but if I'm gonna be on stage playing in front of any crowd of people, I best be playing a real axe!

2015, 120th Anniversary Edition, Les Paul Studio

Some of my favorite guitarist that play Les Paul's...

Slash // Guns n Roses

Ace Frehley // KISS

Joe Perry // Aerosmith (<3)

Jimmy Page // Led Zepplin

The 4th of July!!!
My favorite holiday!!! I don't know what it is, but I have ALWAYS loved the 4th! It's full of all of my family and friends, lots of beer, and my family's annual Pig Roast! This year did not disappoint :)
Like father, like daughter...
My BFF !! The blonde to my brunette, Miss Carley Rae
Ben & my brother Mike... they're twins, I know...
My ADORABLE nieces Serena & Adrienne at the parade! Be still my heart!!!!
​Band Practice
Thank you to my cousin Gabby for coming down to the studio and taking pics of the band!

We've been working SO hard on getting a perfect all original set together to start playing some shows!

So far we are up to 7 original songs, and we are simultaniously recording the same 7 songs to have demos to send out to people! SO exciting!!

Behind the Scenes

I'm so lucky to have my cousin Gabby to capture amazing behind the scene's photos! I had a shoot with Anna Chernobaeva   this week and here are some of the pics Gabby snuck in. INSANE. The real photos will be up soon!!

Slash !!

never enough accessories...



Blue Ocean Music Hall
Salisbury, MA
April 1, 2017

This month I fulfilled one of my personal goals of playing a live show at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury. I first was introduced to this venue about 4 years ago when my friend invited me to come to a concert to see Peter Wolf. I thought the venue was just so chill and cool but also unexpected in the middle of a beach community, literally right on the ocean, with such an awesome stage set up... I just had to play there.
If you haven't heard of AeroChix, they're THE Aerosmith cover band out of Boston, which is cool being that Boston is the hometown of Aerosmith. But whats even cooler is that they're all CHICKS (hence the name).  I tried out to be their interim lead singer a few months ago, because really, how could I not? Given my shameless obsession with Steven Tyler, my soul would just have it no other way.

The Joe Perry to my Steven Tyler

So really, two life goals were achieved: 1. Blue Ocean Music Hall and 2. Pretending to be Steven Tyler, on stage, in front of a crowd of people. I try to take a step back every now and then and mentally check off little goals I've reached a long the way. It really helps keep me motivated to keep moving forward.

And just as an added bonus, I fucking LOVE the ladies of AeroChix and I'm SO fortunate to have become friends with them and been given this AMAZING opportunity.

Thanks for stopping by my site !

Click BELOW to watch​! 

DETAILS: Yes, I painted the black strip down the center of my nails. 
Supporting the Arts
My cousin is so talented!!

I was fortunate enough to go to high school with my cousin/best friend, and I've seen her since she picked up her first camera to now... a senior in college graduating from Leslie University with a degree in photography. (SO proud!!) 

The other day was her senior showcase where she showed her project that showcased another cousin of hers, who goes by "Timmy Sneaks" (check him out on instagram @timmysneaks!!!) He's an increibly talented artist, and she took incredible pictures of him doing what he does... I love it! 

Another shot from the show! 

Duck faces only :p

Renee with Mr. Timmy Sneaks himself!

My favorite shot from Gabby's show!!

<3 <3 <3


Ben and I had such a fun time in LA!!! This is only the third time I've ever been. We went for 5 days, stayed with our wonderful and gracious friend Paul Geary, and then my amazing aunt and uncle's hosue at the end. Always love spending time with loved ones while traveling!!!

Paul's condo had the best view EVER. I took way too many pics, it was hard to choose the best one (far left!). 

The two pics below that are Ben and I playing photog/model with Paul's guitars... we had way too much fun with that. Oops.

Both pics on the right are from our quick visit to Santa Monica Blvd... I have the strongest memories walking on that boulevard. My first trip to LA was when I was 9 with my mom and sisters to visit my incredible cousin Jimmy. He lived walking distance from there in a beautiful apartment. A few years ago he passed away from a horrible, tragic accident... there is no place on this planet that I feel him more than standing there looking out on those waves. Thanks, cuz for the amazing trip and memories. They warm my heart <3

Can't wait to get back to LA, ASAP. Oh, and thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for being the best travel buddy!!!


// 'Fits //

Lady in Red



Night Out

OBSESSED with these shoes. 60% off at Lucky... how can you beat it??

Shoes // Lucky Brand
Jeans // Lucky Brand
Shirt // Express
Cropped Sweatshirt // H&M
Flannel // Mosimo
Shoes // Converse (of course)
Been waiting so long to wear this dress, I don't even remember where I got it! Night out at the Soho House in LA was worthy....

Shoes // Guess on Rodeo
Loving the fishnets under denim look...

Bralette // Make Me Chic
Fishnets // Amazon
Boyfriend Jeans // F21


Had SUCH an amazing time seeing Kings of Chaos at the House of Blues. Met some unbelievable and influential musicians, and they put on an insanely impressive show. Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend Benny for not only taking me, but getting my backstage all night!!! <3

Check out the pics of us with all the band members below!! I added the bands they're most well known for in case you were wonderin'...

Matt Sorum // Guns N Roses

Robin Zander // Cheap Trick

Billy Gibbons // ZZ Top

Robert DeLeo // Stone Temple Pilots

Chester Bennington // Linkin Park - Rest In Peace, Rockstar

Steve Stevens // Bill Idol

At-home Studio

I've been so fortunate to have a spcae in my home to house and build my own studio. My brother and I have been recording down here since I can remember. Over the last couple years I've painted all the walls, redecorated, found new posters and memorabelia, etc. In addition to being a creative space for me, it's now one of my favorite photoshoot spots!

Thanks to my amazing couin Gabby for the pics!!!

Guns n Roses

This summer I was lucky enough to see Guns N Roses live at Gilette stadium not once, but twice! It was an INSANE show. I've been to many in my life and the second night is absolutely in my top 5 of all time. Axl... no comment. Slash... just marry me.

This top is from a vendor outside that show... I cut the neck off and put it in my closet!

Boston Fashion Awards 2016​​

We were honored to perform at the Boston Fashion Awards this year! This is my second year doing this show and I loved having a full band this year. So many wonderful designers, models, performers.

Guitar: Gibson Melody Maker (Billy Joe Armstrong autograph)
Boyfriend Jeans: Brandy Melville
LA Bodysuit: PacSun

Lips: Kylie Cosmetics//Exposed
Loungy Sweatshirt: PacSun

Top: Wet Seal
Shorts: Etsy
Pillows: Marshalls
Records: Hand-me-downs
Nails by Nat
Still going strong on my year long obsession with white nails.

Lips: Kylie Cosmetics: Dolce K
Nails: Acrylic (by me)
Rings: Forever21
Camo: Marshalls