Natalie Joly is a singer/songwriter from Wakefield, Massachusetts. She started playing guitar and writing songs at 8 years old, and has been singing since she could speak. Learning the piano as an early teen led her to start playing out at bars and clubs, establishing a career in acoustic performing at 14 years old. 

Natalie released her first CD at 15 years old, produced in her basement by her and her brother Mike Joly, on GarageBand. She sold enough copies to fund her next CD, Paint the Picture. At 17 years old, to celebrate the release, she rented out her high school auditorium, and sold out the show. Continuing to write and record, she released a 4 song EP at 19 years old... all of those songs can be found on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Play and Google Music. (Or in the Original Music tab!)

Now 21, Natalie gigs out full-time all over New England. Making a name for herself in the Boston music scene, she has also gained a large social media following, with over 4,000 Facebook followers, 4,500 Youtube Subscribers, and 50,000 Instagram followers. She has had great success on Instagram after gaining traction from posting videos of her singing, playing guitar and playing piano. Her Instagram videos have accumulated well over 10 million views. 

Cory Paza
Kyle "Squid" McGrail

BJ Knights

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"Raised on rock and playing in bands his whole life, it wasn’t until 2017 that Cory Paza joined the band. Starting on bass and quickly turning into the lead guitarist, Cory adds an element to the band that has always been missing. His work ethic, production knowledge, soloing skillz and unbelievably entertaining stage presence has added so much to this band. I am very thankful to have found Cory."
"Kyle McGrail and I met in high school and quickly became friends and band members, jamming and recording together right away. We started our first band in 2013, and have been playing together ever since. Kyle is now an extremely accomplished/kickass drummer who pulls influence from the likes of Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and Jon Bonom. More than that, he is my right hand man, and is involved in everything from business planning to production."
"BJ knights is a full-time guitarist/bassist making a living for his beautiful family by playing in shows and on records. His upbeat and optimistic demeanor and ability to learn anything, anytime, has been extremely helpful to this project. BJ has more important (and much cuter) things to worry about than just music, but I will be holding onto him for as long as I can!"

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